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    Marquest Fill Fluids are offered in 4oz & 8ozĀ Spout Bottles that provide an accurate flow stream for the fillingĀ of our Tuff Guard Gauge Isolators. Glycerine, Mineral Oil, Silicone Oil, & Halocarbon Oil.

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    Water Quality Lights or Indicators provide easy to see Green and Red LEDs which continuously display the status of pure water quality relative to the set-point rating. Whenever the water is of acceptable purity, the Green Light remains on. Should the purity fall below set-point, the light will become red or with the Hy-Lite, a Flashing Red Light and a built in Peizo Alarm sounds. The alarm on the Hy-Lite can be silenced. Both the Clack and Thornton have Red/Green Light indication only.

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