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    The patented square wave Resilite is a reliable and economical method of monitoring water quality via conductivity.The bright red or green visual output is easy to read. The monitoring is simple; the green light indicates the water conductivity is below the threshold value; the red light warns that it is above. The solid state circuitry utilizes a symmetrical square wave sampling voltage to eliminate plating and extend electrode life. The LED output and solid state circuitry will outlast conventional neon lamps by thousands of hours. The Resilite uses a wall transformer to convert 120 VAC to 9 VDC to ensure safer operation and longer life.

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    Easy to see Green and Red LEDs continuously display the status of pure water quality relative to set-point rating. Whenever the water is of acceptable purity, the Green light remains on. Should the purity fall below set-point, the Red light Flashes and the built-in peizo Alarm sounds! The alarm can be silenced by pressing the membraneswitch in the front label, and will not resound until the next Red light condition occurs.

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