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  • Jaco Compression PP Fitting

    The JACO Manufacturing Company has built a strong reputation through customer service, practical application experience, and innovative engineering. The compression fittings are widely used with all types of tubing and are typically less expensive than metal fittings, while offering better resistance to corrosion and chemicals. JACO compression fittings are available in Polypropylene, or Kynar (PVDF). To ensure the highest quality construction, JACO uses high-tech production, in-house mold design, and tooling.

    Advantages of JACO fittings over metal compression fittings:

    • Good electrical insulating qualities. This eliminates the electrolytic action that corrodes tubing, caused by a dissimilar metal meeting a fitting.
    • Low density and softness of plastic gives JACO fittings the ability to absorb mechanical and acoustical vibrations.
    • Low resistance to flow due to the smooth internal surface of the fittings.
    • Resistance to scale buildup.

  • John_Guest_PP_Fitting

    The John Guest PP Range of Polypropylene inch-size push-in fittings are offered for tube sizes 1/4" OD to 1/2" OD. The fittings are manufactured in white polypropylene with food grade EPDM O-ring. John Guest Polypropylene Fittings have been developed to satisfy the compatibility needs for a wide range of applications. Polypropylene Fittings have excellent chemical resistance, cold endurance, and high tolerance to oxidizers.

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