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Duraline DI Water Lab Faucets (Wall Mount): PVC, Natural Polypro, and High Purity PVDF
Fields of Application: Distilled, Deionized, RO, Ultra Filtrated Water, Chemical Dispensing. 

The industry has long awaited a DI Water Lab Faucet that would provide the durability and strength of a metal faucet, without the contamination and corrosion that metal introduces into the process environment. That was the goal and the achievement of DURALINE. Marquest Scientific's Duraline Faucets offer the ultimate in durability for commercial applications, featuring a full array of heavy-duty faucets that are built to withstand constant use -- and the occasional misuse -- found in commercial applications. Duraline provides the ultimate combination of updated styling and heavy-duty construction. Duraline models can stand up to the extreme wear and tear found in most commercial applications, plus they are backed by a five year warranty against material or manufacturing defects. -- so our customers know they are getting the best product on the market, guaranteed. All Duraline faucets feature a heavy duty, injection molded stanchion, no longer an extruded tube and the most durable control valve available. These control valves prevent handle wobble while ensuring a positive closed position and feature all PTFE sealing. An encapsulated PTFE shut off seal provides an ideal construction geometry for keeping the PTFE in compression for constant on/off operation.

  • Max flow of 2.5 GPM @ 80 PSI, Full Open
  • Heavy wall, injection molded stanchion prevents breakage
  • Ruggedly designed, point of use control valve for constant on/off use
  • Removable Serrated Barb Tip (Leaves 1/4" Fem NPT Outlet), attach accessory of your choice
  • "Duraline" zero dead leg control valve offer easy open/close operation (Hard stop), 120 deg full flow to closed
  • No elastomers, metals, or lubricants used in construction
  • All components designed for high traffic, hard use environments
  • FDA, USDA, and USP standards are either met and/or exceeded
  • Ultra smooth internal flow path
  • PTFE sealed, encapsulated PTFE shut off seal for unlimited life
  • Black handle with white marker and black "DI" text per SEFA code recommended practice No. 7 for DI Water Applications
  • Duraline control valve is completely renewable by replacing the internal cartridge, per SEFA 7-2010-8.2a
  • Positive stop at off position
  • 3/8" Fem NPT inlet supply connection, 3/8" O.D. tube x 3/8" MNPT compression tube fitting inlcluded

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DL-WD-1 N/A PVC, PTFE Seal N/A Wall Mount, Front Knob N/A 3/8" NPT, Female N/A 200 PSI $209.50 Add To Cart
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DL-WD-2 N/A Nat Polypro, PTFE Seal N/A Wall Mount, Front Knob N/A 3/8" NPT, Female N/A 200 PSI $309.50 Add To Cart
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DL-WD-3 N/A PVDF, PTFE Seal N/A Wall Mount, Front Knob N/A 3/8" NPT, Female N/A 200 PSI $409.50 Add To Cart
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