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Series LG Lab Faucets w/ Water Quality Indicator Light (Duraline Control Valve): Natural Polypropylene
Fields of Application: Distilled, Deionized, RO, Ultra Filtrated Water. Type I II III Water

  • Max Operating Pressure 150 PSI
  • Installed Water Quality Light accurately senses purity levels at or above 500k ohm/cm
  • A bright red or green visual is easy to read. The monitoring is simple; the green light indicates the water is below the threshhold value; the red light warns that it is above.
  • The water purity light uses a wall transformer to convert 120 VAC to 9VDC to ensure safer operation and longer life.
  • Cord Length is 9 feet
  • Please call us for other options available.
  • Max flow of 2.5 GPM @ 80 PSI, Full Open
  • Removable Serrated Barb Tip (Leaves 1/4" Fem NPT Outlet), attach accessory of your choic
  • "Duraline" zero dead leg control valve offers easy open/close operation, 120 deg full flow to closed
  • No elastomers, metals, or lubricants used in construction
  • All components designed for high traffic, hard use environments
  • FDA, USDA, and USP standards are either met and/or exceeded
  • Ultra smooth internal flow path
  • Unique heavy wall construction
  • PTFE sealed, encapsulated PTFE shut off seal for unlimited life
  • Black handle with white marker and black "DI" text per SEFA code recommended practice No. 7 for DI Water Applications
  • Duraline control valve is completely renewable by replacing the internal cartridge, per SEFA 7-2010-8.2a
  • Positive stop at off position
  • 3/8" Fem NPT inlet supply connection, 3/8" O.D. tube x 3/8" MNPT compression tube fitting included


N/A Polypro, PTFE Seals


N/A Deck Mount, Right Handle

Inlet Connection

N/A 3/8" Female NPT

Resistivity Threshold

N/A 500K ohm/cm

Shipping Note

N/A We will let you know the shipping charges once we receive the order.
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