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All Categories > Needle Valves - PVC, CPVC, Polypro, & PVDF  

Needle Valves - PVC, CPVC, Polypro, & PVDF

Marquest Scientific Needle Valves provide precision flow control of corrosive and high purity fluids. Operating pressures and flow rates up to 220 PSI and 12 GPM respectively. There are no elastomers, lubricants, or metals used in their construction. Available in PVC, CPVC, Polypro, & PVDF with PTFE seals and a variety of end connection options, the Marquest Scientific Needle Valve will handle the toughest of applications. 

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Throttle Master Needle Valves

Precise Flow Control with Fine Adjustment of Corrosive and High Purity Fluids


Produced in two styles: Globe pattern (straight 180°) and Angle pattern (90°).
Needle finish, SPI/SPE No. 1. Bubble tight, low torque shutoff long term performance.

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Throttle Master "L Series" Needle Valves

The ultimate in on/off product cycle life, our "Life Series" needle valves comprise a Virgin PTFE tipped needle for exceptionally low torque, long life on/off operation. In applications where the end user needs to operate a needle valve from open to closed position on a high frequency basis, the "Life Series" provides all the inherent benefits of a Needle Valve while providing a longer service life compared to rigid hard seated needle valves where galling can occur from high frequency on/off ...

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Needle Valves w/ Tube Connection


Repair Kits

"L Series" Repair Kits for Marquest Lab Fixtures & Throttle Master Needle Valves The Ultimate in On/Off Product Cycle Life *Offers all new PTFE Sealing with Unlimited Life Warranty. PTFE on/off seal is easily replaced in the field, no tools required. Exceptional low torque on/off operation Parts List: L Series PTFE Tipped Needle, Threaded Insert, Bonnet"Cap", Handle, Color I.D. Ring

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