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    Series LT Lab Turrets: PVC, Natural Polypro, and High Purity PVDF 

    Distilled, Deionized, & RO Water Applications as well as Chemical Dispensing.

    • Materials listed under NSF Standard 14/61 for both potable water and DWV applications and FDA approved
    • FDA, USDA, and USP standards are either met and/or exceeded.
    • No Elastomers (O-Rings), Metals or Lubricants No Corrosion, No Contamination.
    • Beautifully finished to enhance all installations
    • All injection molded, rugged design and construction
    • Standard 3/8" female NPT inlet connection
    • Removable Outlet barb fitting connects to different size tubing (Leaves 1/4" Fem NPT outlet when removed)
    • Valve is Crevice Free with Zero Dead Leg
    • PTFE sealed, encapsulated PTFE shut off seal for unlimited life
    • Black handle with white marker and black "DI" text per SEFA code recommended practice No. 7 for DI Water Applications
    • Duraline control valve is completely renewable by replacing the internal cartridge, per SEFA 7-2010-8.2a
    • Positive stop at off position


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