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Water Quality Lights

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Clack Resilite Water Quality Lights

The patented square wave Resilite is a reliable and economical method of monitoring water quality via conductivity.The bright red or green visual output is easy to read. The monitoring is simple; the green light indicates the water conductivity is below the threshold value; the red light warns that it is above. The solid state circuitry utilizes a symmetrical square wave sampling voltage to eliminate plating and extend electrode life. The LED output and ...
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Hy-Lite Resistivity Water Quality Indicator Light, Remote Alarm, & Relay Module

Easy to see Green and Red LEDs continuously display the status of pure water quality relative to set-point rating. Whenever the water is of acceptable purity, the Green light remains on. Should the purity fall below set-point, the Red light Flashes and the built-in peizo Alarm sounds! The alarm can be silenced by pressing the membraneswitch in the front label, and will not resound until the next Red light condition occurs.
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